Blue Christmas Service, Saturday, December 16, 4:00 PM

Women hand, wintertime, writting letterNeed a break?

For some, it’s the Christmas frivolity. For others, it’s the running, the shopping, the unrealistic expectations. Still others find that at Christmastime they feel even more deeply a personal loss or inner disquiet. Or maybe, come Christmas Eve, it’s hard to connect with the festivities and the overt happiness so many seem to be enjoying.

Our “Blue Christmas” service is a chance to take a break from whatever and bask in the quite glow of the good news of the God who came to walk with us in love in the person of Jesus Christ.

Blue Christmas offers peace, comfort, and healing. The service will include scripture reading, prayer, music, carols, candle lighting, and reflection by Pastor Peter Hellstedt.

“A Blue Christmas service is for those who struggle with the merriment of the holidays due to grief, sadness, or loss,” says Peter Hellstedt, senior pastor at Prince of Peace, who will preside. “It’s not a full-length service, like on a Sunday, and the focus will be on worship through music and reflection.”

Refreshments will be served following the service.

All are welcome to share in the service, which will be held in the church main sanctuary. Share an invitation with a friend, neighbor, or coworker who might appreciate this quiet reflection of God’s love during the holiday season.

For more information, please call 847-885-7010.

Light o’er the land of the needy is beaming;
Rivers of life through its deserts are streaming,
Bringing all peoples a Savior redeeming.
Come and save us soon! Come and save us soon!
Nordic hymn (ELW 243)